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The history of the present Faculty of Meteorology, Hydrology, and Oceanography (HMO) started from the early Division of Hydro-Meteorology and Oceanography, which was founded in 1966 as part of the Faculty of Geology-Geography....


Founded in 1966, the Faculty of Geography and Geology (FGG) is one of the most prestigious undergraduate and graduate institutions in the country. Since its separation from the FGG on October 23rd 1995, HMO has continuously developed and innovated its curriculum and research projects to meet the emerging demands of the socio-economic development of Vietnam. Since its establishment with only 3 divisions and about 20 staffs, HMO has developed into 3 Departments, 1 Administrative Unit, 1 Laboratory with 38 staff members. There are 29 lecturers (3 Professors, 9 Associate Professors, 8 PhDs, 4 Masters and 5 Bachelors), 7 research associate and 2 administrative staffs. They work in different departments, responsible for the training in 3 undergraduate programmes, 3 Master programmes and 3 PhD’s programmes including Hydrology, Meteorology, Oceanography and Marine Technology. During its 50 years of development, HMO has trained a large number of qualified researchers and lecturers who have taken over important positions in different agencies. Many of them have become reputable Professors, Associate Professors, and Scientists.

On average in the last 5 years, HMO has trained about 300 students/year and provided 70-80 graduates/year for the society in 3 main majors: Meteorology, Hydrology and Oceanography. HMO has also emphasized on post-graduate training. Annually, HMO enrolls about 30 master and 5 PhD students.

For many years, HMO has been entrusted with various research projects from the State and sectors at different levels. Over the past 15 years, HMO has been annually chairing 7 – 9 projects at state levels, 3 -5 projects at ministry, province and VNU levels, 2-4 projects at HUS level with the total budget of over 100 billion VND. Despite the limited human resources, HMO annually publishes about 40 articles on international and national journals and about 20 reports in scientific conferences. The HMO has also established close collaboration with many universities and research institutes in Vietnam and in the world (the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Holland, Belgium, Australia). Everyyear, HMO also has about 1 – 3 colloborative research projects with foreign partners. 

Mission: Provides highly qualified undergraduate and graduate education in hydrology, meteorology and oceanography to meet the demand of national development and international integration; Conducts fundamental and applied cutting-edge research.

Vision: Becoming a prestigious training and researching institution in hydrology, meteorology and oceanography in South East Asia andAsiaby 2025.

Educational philosophy: the philosophy of education of HMO is designed for students with diverse philosophical interests and orientations, including: ethics and education; cutting-edge research and education; and global and international studies in education. Our consistent philosophy is also developed in alignment with the strategic mission of VNU: “Training high quality labor forces; nurturing talents; fostering research, developing and transferring sciences and contributing to building, developing and defending our nation”. The core value of our educational philosophy is reflected as: “Excellent quality; Innovation and creativity; Social Responsibility; and Cooperation and Friendliness” that is shown in our training programme. Indeed, HMO’s philosophy of education is strongly driven by the motto of VNU-HUS: “Creativity, Pioneering, Social Responsibility”, in which: (1) Courses are designed with specific criteria and objectives to meet the evolving demands of the society; (2) Students are encouraged to design their own course of study, to explore different academic disciplines, and to take part in various research activities; (3) Students are the center of all teaching and learning activities; (4) Quality of education is at the top priority in all activities; (5) Attractive, engaging, and motivated learning environments are created for our students; (6) Teaching techniques are aimed to enhance the active roles of students in classrooms; (7) Outstanding faculty and staff actively engage students in various learning environments; (8) Independence, creativity, and leadership are highly encouraged in students’ research.

Organizational structure: Dean:Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Son (in charge of general affairs, finance, facilities, human resources); Vice Deans: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Minh Huan (in charge of Science and Technology), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Ngoc Anh (in charge of post-graduate training, quality inspection and assurance, external affairs), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vu Thanh Hang (in charge of undergraduate training and student affairs).

Departments: Department of Meteorology and Climate Change; Department of Water Science and Engineering; Department of Marine Science and Technology; Administrative Unit. In addition, the HMO also has a laboratory for studying and research: the Disaster Early Warning and Hydromet Forecasting Lab with High Performance Computer system;

Major Research Areas: Meteorology and Climatology, Climate Change, Hydrology, Water Resource Management, Disaster Risk Management, Oceanography, Fishing Oceanography. 

  Faculty of Hydrology, Meteorology and Oceanography
Vietnam National University, Hanoi - VNU University of Science
334 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
Telephone: 84-4-38584943