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Regulations regarding oral examination



            Oral examination will be chosen for courses in which written examination (either multiple-choice or essay format) does not allow for accurate assessment of students’ cognition. The following regulations regarding oral tests as final are hereby issued in order to help achieve uniform implementation of oral tests as a method to assess a student’s learning results at the end of a term, in line with regulations by the Ministry of Education and Training and the Vietnam National University.

            The Office of Academic Affairs and faculties responsible for the subjects of the oral tests will jointly organize the tests.

            The content of the works and the tasks are as followings:

1. Notifying students of modules where oral exams will be used

Based on the characteristics of a course’s content, teaching and studying methods as well as the number of students of each course, the respective faculty will recommend modules where oral exams will be used. Oral exams must be held uniformly for that module across terms.

            At the beginning of each term, the Office of Academic Affairs and the responsible lecturer will notify students of modules where oral exams will be used.

2. Schedule and examinee list

            The Office of Academic Affairs will make plans regarding the final oral exams, including preparing exam rooms and make examinee list in accordance with training regulations. The exam schedule will be sent to faculties, then to students via emails or public notices posted on the university’s website.

3. Making tests and ensuring tests’ confidentiality

            The lecturer of the module will be responsible for making the oral tests and ensuring that the tests meet the training requirements as per the module’s detailed syllabus.

            The questions used in the oral tests must be taken from the question bank for the module. The oral tests’ questions must be first approved by head of the faculty.

            Securing the tests and making copies of the tests are responsibilities of the lecturer of the module.

4. Conducting the tests

            The respective faculty will receive the examinee list from the Office of Academic Affairs, select and assign lecturers to be examiners in a timely manner, according to the schedule.

            After randomly selecting a test, students have at most 10 minutes to present their answers in front of at least 02 examiners. Examiners may ask additional questions to clarify the students’ answers. The questions will be designed in a way that allows examiners to accurately assess students’ level of cognition (four levels of Bloom’s taxonomy) and grade students according to existing regulations.

            Students’ results of the oral exams must be unanimous between examiners and must be made available to students after the examination day. In cases where examiners cannot reach a unanimous agreement on the results of a student’s performance, the head of the faculty will have the final decision.

            The final score sheet for the module must include the signatures of all the students who have taken the tests, the number of the test they have randomly chose, as well as the signatures of all examiners. The final score sheet must be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs.

            During the implementation of the above regulations, should any problem arise, please consult the head of the faculty or higher authorities for further instructions.



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