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Seminar on climate modeling


On 14, March 2011, Dr. John Gregor from the Center for Australia Weather and Climate Research, a chief developer of the global climate model CCAM, visited the Faculty of Hydro-Meteorology and Oceanography and gave a seminar on recent advances in the development of the CCAM model. The talk drew participants from several departments and local institutions including the Faculty of Geography, Center of National Weather Service, and number of HMO undergraduate and graduate students.  The seminar provided a quick overview of the CCAM model as well as its achievements in the climate modeling as compared to other regional climate models. The overall very good performances of the CCAM model open up some new possibilities of using the CCAM model for future climate downscaling in Vietnam.

Hanoi, 03/15/2011

(KIEU, Quoc Chanh)
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